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A working class hero is something to be

I found a penny. I was going to throw it across the room. But I put it in my pocket instead. I have a head-cold. I didn't accomplish anything yesterday. All I did was reorganize my CD's and listen to some of my semi-old mixes. I wanted to read, but I never got around to it. I didn't get any moment to myself, my little brother was attached to the PS2, so I didn't get to play X-2 like I hoped. Oh well, it's Thursday. Technically a Friday. I got 3 days to read.
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x-2 as in final fantasy? my brother just got that game i'm like i'm so playing! haha.
it's not that bad, Im about half way through it. Some of the parts are fruity as hell, but its pretty good.
good? hm.. I didn't think so. Pssh.. I bet you 5? 10? 15!! dollar, that every final fantasy game from here on out will suck. ..but suck is a matter of opinion. yarr. yeah.
The only FF game that suked was 9. I've seen 11 and its awesome, and I'm expecting that from 12. Final Fantasy games (with the exception of 9) will never suck.
we'll see... (i'm not a fan for soap operas and x was definitely a soap opera.) only what? four more days. yeah.. yeah.. but you can't buy it yet.. cause you're behind on the times.

All FF games are soap operas. Thats just how they are. And what do you mean, behind on the times?